We cook seafood dishes mixing up Italian and Mediterranean traditional recipes with an innovative crossbreed of flavors.  We serve them like street food, finger food, ready-to-go.

Our specialty is “PANOZZO”. Served cold, it comes like a filled sandwich with cream or patè, or even like a fish-burger. Mostly it depends on the “catch of the day”.

We also serve delicious “SOUPS” and other magic “HOT DISHES” mixing local fish with tasty sauces, herbs and spices, with sides of thai rice, cous-cous and dry bread.

When we want to go a little bit more fatty we opt for “FRIED FISH” (anchovies for instance) or tempura.

All courses come with a gently touch of seasonal veggies.

We choose raw materials only from suppliers who respect our criteria: high standards of quality and care for the environment. We serve ourselves as much as possible from local companies and farmer markets, we definitely prefer fisheries and fishermen to supermarkets for our seafood. Our principles are: farm-to-table products, seasonality, preservation of species close to extinction,  lowering impacts of fishing on marine ecosystems.

We don’t use plastic tableware, but only ceramic or biodegradable (MaterBi®) and recyclable stuff.